I'm having trouble seeing my child

Perhaps you had an arrangement with the other parent, but they’re now making it hard for you to see your child.

They might be breaking an agreement you had or a court order.

A misunderstanding or a minor breach of a contact arrangement can often be sorted out with a quick chat or email.

This could be done through someone you trust if you don't want to contact the other parent yourself.

But sometimes contact with the other parent isn't safe or appropriate. You may need the courts to:

  • enforce an existing order
  • issue an order if you don't already have one

The court can set out the nature of the contact you and the other parent have with the child in a legally binding court order, and enforce it if it's broken.

The court can also give legal force to any informal agreements you've made with the other parent in a consent order.

Without a court order, you can’t enforce whatever informal agreement you’ve made with the other parent.

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