Contact with an abusive person in court

When you go to court, you may be face to face with someone who has abused you.

The court will try to make it easier for you by putting special measures in place.

Special measures

Depending on the facilities available, the court can take special measures for you and other witnesses, such as:

  • providing you with a separate waiting room before the hearing
  • letting you attend the hearing from another location by video link or live link
  • putting up a screen between you and the other person so they can’t see you
  • closing the court to the press and public while you give evidence
  • allowing pre-recorded interviews as evidence
  • giving you an interpreter if English isn’t your first language
  • holding the abusive person back for a while when you leave the court so they can’t follow you

How do I ask for special measures?

Contact the court as soon as possible to request any special measures. Check again a few days before the hearing to make sure they'll have them in place.

The court will try to help you with the special measures you ask for, but what they can do will depend on the facilities available as well as the nature of your case.

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