You should get whatever financial help and support is available to you.

There may be extra support for you if you've experienced domestic abuse.

Claiming benefits

You can check which benefits you can get with a benefits calculator. This is the easiest way to make sure you get everything you’re entitled to.

To use a benefits calculator, you’ll need to have information about your savings, income, and other support payments to hand.

If you’re not a UK or Irish citizen, the benefits calculators may not work for you. Please see our Immigration section.

Extra help for people experiencing domestic abuse

Extra support is available for people who are experiencing domestic abuse.

This might include extra payments or relief depending on your situation and needs.

Special arrangements are in place for:

You may need to show the relevant agency evidence of domestic abuse, such as a medical or police report.

Your benefits when you leave an abusive partner

If your circumstances change – such as leaving an abusive partner – it’s important to tell the agency responsible for your benefits. You may be able to get extra help because of it.

For example, if you had to stop working because of domestic abuse, you won’t be treated in the same way as someone who stops working voluntarily. You should still be able to get the relevant benefits.

You may also be able to claim extra benefits that you weren’t entitled to as a couple.

If appropriate, a doctor or health worker can help you provide evidence of abuse, which can speed up your case.

There are some practical measures you should take too, to separate your finances from your ex.

Make sure that any payments go your own bank account, and not to your partner’s or a joint account.

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