Get legal advice or a solicitor

We can help you get the legal advice or legal representation that you need, either from our own experts or with other organisations.

Our team at RCJ Advice, a unique Citizens Advice Service, can help you if:

  • you're applying for a court order through CourtNav
  • you're a woman experiencing domestic abuse
  • you can't get legal aid and can't afford legal advice

CourtNav applications

Courtnav is a our free online service that helps you apply to court for a non-molestation order or occupation order. With CourtNav a legal adviser will always check your application.

CourtNav helps you pick a legal firm, which will also tell you if you can get legal aid.

For more details, see Applying for a court order.

Women experiencing domestic abuse

FLOWS is a legal support service we help run that gives free legal advice for women who have experienced domestic abuse.

Please call us on 020 3745 7707 or email us at [email protected].

Free legal advice

We’ll give you free legal advice if you:

  • can't afford legal advice
  • can't get legal aid
  • live in England or Wales, and
  • are currently involved in a case for the civil or family courts

This includes cases about domestic abuse, children, divorce or financial arrangements – but not criminal or personal injury. We can point you in the right direction if we can't help.

Civil cases

For cases going to a county court, high court or the court of appeal, please fill out this civil cases form and email it [email protected].

Please call us on 020 3475 4374 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 2pm and 4pm if you need help completing it.

Family cases

For family cases, such as those involving divorce, children or finances, please fill out this family cases form and email it to [email protected].

Call us on 0203 745 8921 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 2pm and 4pm if you need help completing it.

Debt, employment and housing

We offer advice on debt, employment and housing issues too. Please see the RCJ Advice webpage for more details.

Legal help from other organisations

  • Law Centres Network. Face-to-face legal advice to local people at Law Centres across the country. Some centres have a telephone advice line. Specialises in welfare, debt, employment, housing, discrimination and immigration, but some Centres also cover other areas including family law.
  • LawWorks. A charity offering legal advice to people who aren’t eligible for legal aid and can’t afford to pay. They operate a network of legal advice clinics and volunteer lawyers giving free advice on a range of topics.
  • Resolution. Specialises in family law, and has a large membership of legal professionals who aim to resolve issues in a constructive way.
  • Civil Legal Advice. A national specialist legal advice service for people who qualify for legal aid offering help with domestic abuse, family law, discrimination, housing, debt and more.
  • Citizens Advice. Detailed information, support and advice on a range of subjects, with options to talk in person, online or on the phone to expert advisers.
  • Women's Aid. Keeps an up-to-date directory of support and advice services, including legal advice organisations.
  • Rights of Women. Offers free, confidential telephone legal advice lines for women, covering family, criminal, immigration and sexual harassment law, as well as extensive online information.
  • Coram Children’s Legal Centre Free legal advice and representation for children, young people, their families, carers and professionals, on all areas concerning children’s rights including immigration.
  • Advicenow. A charity offering information and advice on many areas of the law.
  • FLOWS interactive map. Lists advice agencies, legal aid family solicitors and support organisations. Some services are for women only, but many are open to everyone.

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