I want to move away with my child

What you need to do depends where you are moving to, and whether the child normally lives with you.

If the child doesn’t usually live with you, you can’t move away with the child without the consent of the person the child usually lives with and anyone with parental responsibility.

Where are you planning to move to?

I'm moving inside the UK

You can generally move somewhere inside the UK without the other parent agreeing to it if:

  • you have parental responsibility and the child usually lives with you
  • you are named in a court order as the parent that the child lives with

As it’s a big change for the child, it’s often best to let the other parent know about the move or get their consent.

You will still have to keep to any terms of a child arrangements order that lets the other parent spend time with your child. If the move makes it hard to comply with the order, you should consider applying to change it.

The other parent does have some legal options to try to stop you moving. The court will put your child’s interests, welfare and safety first if it has to make a decision.

I'm moving abroad

If you want to move with your child outside the UK, you must get the consent of everyone with parental responsibility for the child.

If you go without their permission, you may be committing a serious crime called child abduction.

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