I want to stop my child seeing the other parent

Your options depend on whether you have a court order about your child contact arrangements.

I don't have a court order

If there's no court order concerning your contact arrangements and the child lives with you, you can stop your child seeing the other parent.

It will be up to the other parent to ask the court to change the situation.

There's a court order in place

If there's a court order, stopping contact between your child and the other parent may break its terms.

If you break a court order, you'll be in contempt of court, and you could get a fine or another penalty if the other parent takes you to court.

So you'll need a very good reason, such as your child being in danger or at risk of harm if contact with the other parent continues.

It’s important to get urgent legal advice first. You may have to make an urgent application to the court.

Changing the terms of the court order

Another option is to change the terms of your existing child arrangements order – for example, to reduce or stop contact, or to make sure it’s supervised in some way.

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