Contact arrangements are putting me or my child in danger

If you’re worried that seeing the other parent is putting you or your child in danger, you should not continue with them.

You should get legal advice urgently to find the best way forward, such as:

  • applying for a court order if you don't already have one
  • changing the terms of a court order you already have

You may be able to get legal aid to help.

Applying for a court order

Your legal adviser may suggest that you apply for a court order that gives you or your child the protection you both need, and controls the way the other parent has contact with your child.

Change an existing court order

If you already have a court order, your legal adviser may suggest that you apply to change its terms.

You'd ask the court to take into account any new risks or dangers.

The court may respond by reducing or stopping the other parent's contact with your child, or to make sure it’s supervised in some way.

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